Transport providers have an important role in society to ensure that travelers and goods arrive safely and quickly. Tour operators, bus, train and freight companies know that accidents happen and that the results can be devastating to all involved.

Next of kin
Structures and keep track of all inquiries from people, organizations and others affected by an event.
Action cards
Quickly get started with correct action. This is essential for good handling of the event. With your checklists on your mobile you are always ready to handle an event fast and efficient.
Call Center
Log all media requests and keep track of incoming questions. Manage your answers for a comprehensive media image.
The nightmare begins by not knowing who is involved, then dealing with relatives and how to handle the incident as an owner / operator. When the event occurs, you must be able to handle the situation, ensure continued operation for others by delivering passengers and goods to their destination as quickly and safely as possible.

If you are a commercial or public actor who takes care of the carriage of passengers or goods, the requirements are the same, everyone is required to have emergency and emergency plans. In case of an undesired event, conveyors face operational challenges related to equipment, technology, crew and passengers.

Regardless of the event, InCaseIT can offer a solution to reach the response team, take care of passengers and relatives, handle the situation and ensure normal operating conditions as quickly as possible.