One of the most important features of InCaseIT is its simplicity in terms of handling alert and notification routines. Through standard 4-channel alert you will alarm your team where you have control of who has received, black or commented alarm. Predefined alert lists, and message groups ensure consistency and help you save time when and the event occurs.

Mobile prepeardness

InCaseIT Pro is simply stated good crisis management on your mobile. Via an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile app you have all the important features available wherever you are. From InCaseIT Pro you can alarm, launch an event – get your checklists and see who’s in the team. Of course, you will also get the crisis manager’s status updates. You can follow recent log items and read important documents and guidelines.

Emergency preparedness

InCaseIT is a modern, comprehensive and robust platform for handling and managing critical incidents and crises. InCaseIT takes crisis management to a level where everyone can handle and incident and where everyone can contribute. All system features are operationalizing your updated contingency plan – always available online. Included in InCaseIT is a complete communication module that handles notification via text and speech in 4 parallel channels. Via InCaseIT, you coordinate the emergency response team and adjust the team, tasks and scenarios to meet the actual situation at hand. InCaseIT supports a high degree of automatic logging functionality that is of great value when you start addressing your post-emergency process.

Corporate compliance

Many global corporations struggle when it comes to managing its Business Continuity Plan on a global perspective. Especially when we talk about governance, compliance, consistency, operational efficiency, distribution and fulfilment. Elements such as languages, time zones, culture and local legislation creates a barrier between the various regions/sites and hinders your corporation in developing a common approach nurturing best practices cross borders.

InCaseIT Enterprise Edition (IEE) offers an umbrella perspective to Business Continuity Management and allows any corporation to develop a coporate framework to be implemented locally. IEE includes inheriting capabilities that allows the headquarter to set out the principles and governance model together with predefined plan content such as roles, scenarios, supportive documents. Hence, InCaseIT Enterprise Edition secures compliance with e.g. ISO 22301:2012.

During an incident or crisis will the inheriting capability also play a central role in separating the responsibilities between the various participating regions/sites.

Visibility throughout the incident response chain secures a high level of information transparency where coordination of activities is achieved instantly.

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