InCaseIT help public institutions, directorates and supervisors structure good crisis communication plans and deal with domestic crisis, disasters and public safety.


Notify your team in seconds and get real time status updates of response, giving you time to act and gain control.


Get organized, conduct status meetings and stay informed.

Act and delegate

Smart and user-friendly incident management system with predefined scenarios and tasks. Assign and delegate tasks to team members.

Right Personnel

Notify right personnel for proper handling and inform quickly and efficiently when an incident occurs.

Mobile Checklist

InCaseIT help you keep an updated, relevant and correct checklist available at all time when the incident occurs.

Information Management

InCaseIT make your plans, instructions, directives, guidelines and templates available in any situation.

Cyber attack considerations – Part 2

​IT-systems and information are becoming increasingly valuable assets in most businesses. As these assets become more valuable to you, it is likely they also become increasingly valuable to outsiders and criminals. Access to information and systems may be just as valuable and accessible to criminals today as picking pockets were 50 years ago.

InCaseIT Pro

Learn more about how InCaseIT Pro works and how it can help you digitize and improve your business preparedness and emergency management in our two page whitepaper.

Staying prepared is the key.

"InCaseIT is a good system that allows us to both notify and communicate during an incident. The systema also includes tasks that we have set out as standard and which we initiate in case of crisis."

Jens Morten Corneliussen, HR Manager Vard Group AS

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