Empowering Industrial Safety

Securing environment and material values, contingency plans and incident handling for industrial safety and managers in manufacturing and production.

Slash response time

Instant mobilisation of your industrial safety team with live status updates. Communicate and coordinate using conference-calls.

Save lives and values

Manage critical situations using predefined scenarions with easy to use task management tool.

Improve industrial safety

Smart, reliable and user friendly incident management system to improve notification, mobility, handling and reporting.


Alert industrial safety, notify management and inform employees quickly and efficiently when a situation occurs.


Checklists with relevant tasks readily available on any device and get live status over active users.

Plans and documents

Empower your industrial safe and take the right course of action by having access to Safety Data Sheets, plans and scenario specific documents in InCaseIT.

Download VARD Group Case Study

Learn how the Norwegian ship manufacturer VARD Group AS is using InCaseIT in emergency preparedness and crisis management.

Stay prepared

"InCaseIT is a good system that allows us to both notify and communicate during an incident. The system also includes tasks that we have set out as standard and which we initiate in case of crisis."

Jens Morten Corneliussen, HR Manager Vard Group AS

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