Secure environmental and material values, digitze your contingency plans and handle incidents as a manager in the energy production industry.


Emergency plans that meet public and other emergency response requirements


Total overview during an unwanted incident


Optimization of communication with internal and external resources.


Streamlined emergency and crisis plans ready in your hand in case of an incident.


Cover all aspects by an incident and help your crisis team collaborate during an unwanted incident.


Make sure business operations keeps up while damages and incidents are resolved.

How To Build A Business Contingency Plan (BCP)!

Building a Business Contingency Plan (BCP) often becomes an overwhelming task combined with a touch of stress an uncertainty. Where to start? What is the end state? How do you move forward?

Here you have a simple and straight-forward way of how to start and get the BCP done!

VARD Group Case Study

Learn how the Norwegian ship manufacturer VARD Group AS is using InCaseIT in emergency preparedness and crisis management.

Staying prepared is important.

"InCaseIT is a good system that allows us to both notify and communicate during an incident. The systema also includes tasks that we have set out as standard and which we initiate in case of crisis."

Jens Morten Corneliussen, HR Manager Vard Group AS