Real Estate


Do you own commercial or residential properties? Then you have a responsibility to ensure that the properties are maintained, safe and secure places to live or work. There are many different events that may be in the way of this goal, fire, flood, extreme weather, technical failure, sabotage or unwanted event.

Get started with a keystroke
InCaseIT lets you quickly alert and handle an event so that you quickly ensure normal operation, regardless of internal infrastructure.
Mobility evacuation plans
Floor plans, evacuation and escape routes right on the mobile. Get an overview of all participants in the Emergency Organization where you always have the necessary documents.
InCaseIT App
The mobile becomes your most important tool when you have to check and report back. Available for Android or iOS, simple, safe and efficient.
When critical events occur, you must be able to handle the situation, ensure that tenants are taken care of and maintain the safety as efficiently as possible.

Like other industries that are responsible for a large number of people, property operators are always subject to regulatory conditions that will require emergency preparedness and evacuation plans in place to handle critical events.

Having a reliable crisis management system that ensures efficient communication and good overview can make the difference in keeping all residents safe or not. InCaseIT gives real estate companies an effective tool for management and management personnel, managing the emergency situation and returning to normal operation as usual as quickly as possible.

Benefits of using InCaseIT for property managers:

  • Quick Information for Operations and Safety Staff
  • Efficient handling of operational disturbances
  • Fast and efficient communication to tenants
  • Scheduling right on the phone
  • Warning and handling routines by flood
  • Warning at Fire
  • Uniform management
  • Common structure regardless of the number of properties and tenants.