How should the government with its institutions, directorates and supervisors deal with problems, natural disasters, terrorist acts or scandals? There are many events or crises that may occur. The ideal is to prevent and avoid such events, but this is not always possible.

Notify the right personnel for proper handling and inform quickly and efficiently when an incident occurs.
Relevant and correct checklist available at all times.
Get your plans, instructions, directives, guidelines and templates available in any situation.
A good contingency plan does not handle the crisis but can help you get started. InCaseIT makes it easier to handle events when they occur while you can and maintain normal operation.

Regardless of the crisis or event that occurs, people will look to you for information. It is important to provide consistent and accurate information to all involved parties and stakeholders. InCaseIT can help you structure a good crisis communication plan. The key elements of the plan include:

  • Communicate to stakeholders
  • Utilization of the right resources
  • Information templates
  • Common information understanding
  • Structure