InCaseIT Pro

InCaseIT Pro is a mobile app that gives you full control of the event and helps you get the job done. InCaseIT Pro ensures correct alerts and notifications and checklists instantly. The system provides mobile readiness – anywhere and at any time.
InCaseIT Pro contains all the necessary tools you need when handling the event – you are organized.
With just a few keystrokes, you have notified your emergency team and ready to handle the event – at the same time. Everyone is coordinated.


InCaseIT is a crisis management system that covers all aspects of crisis management – from scheduling and preparation for notification, automatic logging and personal checklists. InCaseIT includes functionality for communicating via SMS, email, conference call, text to speech and push.

InCaseIT always gives you full overview of the situation, where you can easily customize resources as needed. InCaseIT allows to change the scenario and thus change the focus area for crisis management.

InCaseIT is a cloud-based solution and can be used on any mobile device or via the InCaseIT Pro mobile app.

InCaseIT Enterprise Edition

InCaseIT Enterprise Edition (IEE) is a module that supports full management in a global and distributed business where management model design is flexible and can be changed at any time. IEE introduces the possibility of a central management that imposes capabilities from a top level down to the local area.
A key concept for configuring the Business Structure Plan (BCP) is a “Node” where a node is an instance of BCP for a particular region / site.
A node inherits abilities and locally adds specific elements and details. Hereditary elements will be mandatory and thus ensure adaptation to the current management model.
IEE implements inheritance properties for Roles, Scenarios, Tasks, Documents and Message Groups.