OCMC 2018

OCMC 2018

8. and 9. of February Hotell Bristol
Kristian IVs gate – Oslo

Big Data represents both major threats, but also opportunities in crises. Data attacks and other cybercrime is highly prioritized in most companies’ risk assessment where the new privacy legislation (GDPR) puts new requirements for both handling and communication in situations where personal data may be out of control.

At the same time, Big Data and AI (artificial intelligence) provides unique opportunities for professionalizing crisis preparedness and communication in a crisis. We have therefore chosen Big Data as the theme of the Oslo Crisis Management Conference (OCMC) 2018.

New of the year is that we start the conference with industry-specific breakfast meeting (round-table discussions), where representatives from the same industries will be able to share experiences, reflections and issues related to emergency preparedness and crisis management. Current round-tables are: Transportation and Aviation, Industry and IT / telecom.

Who do I meet this year?
Participants are operational users of InCaseIT, managers and stakeholders from major Nordic companies who are motivated by good preparedness and interested in how to protect their values.

4 reasons why I will attend:

  • Increased competence: Lectures and discussions
  • Good training: Practice and tools
  • Wide experience: Learnings from real incidents
  • Expanded personal network: Meet like-minded people from your industry