OCMC 2017

OCMC 2017

9. – 10. February Hotel Bristol
Kristian IVs gate – Oslo

About Oslo Crisis Management Conference (OCMC)

Oslo Crisis Management Conference (OCMC) is an open arena for experience sharing within the emergency preparedness and crisis management discipline – across countries and industries. OCMC includes key note speakers and sponsors from universities, corporations, government agencies, authorities and users of InCaseIT.

The conference is built around relevant themes, real incidents and hands-on experience.


OCMC 2017 addresses key topics and issues related to cyber crime, emergency preparedness and communication related to this.

Who do I meet this year?
Participants are operational users of InCaseIT, executives and intermediaries from major Norwegian companies interested in and committed to cyber crime and how to protect their values. This year, Jack Fisher Eriksen from NSR will provide us with insights from Norwegian business and Claus Sonberg from Zynk will talk about crisis management in larger companies.

4 reasons why I should attend:

  • Increased competence: Lectures and discussions
  • Training: Exercise with personal tools
  • Experience: Exchange from real events
  • Network: Meet like-minded people from your industry