Norwegian Airlines standardizing using InCaseIT

Susanna Halonen-Manner, VP Emergency Response in Norwegian Airlines from an  interview with the Finnish business newspaper Kauppalehti.

Strong growth in air traffic requires increasingly controlled processes for aviation safety. Susanna Halonen-Manner, Senior Vice President Emergency Response in Norwegian, says that the most important thing is the cooperation of airlines and the introduction of best practices in companies.

“This is one area where airlines do not compete, but we learn from each other. To a great extent, we standardize security methods together. We are a learning organization, we learn from each other’s best practices, but also about mistakes, “says Halonen-Manner.

In other words; the more standardized the organization  of exceptional circumstance, the less uncertain during handling the situation.

In standardizing management and communication, the introduction of new technology is important for airlines. Norwegian uses the InCaseIT application, which includes team work and standardized communication models. When a person sees the message (on mobile or mail), he knows immediately what the situation is. You can also open a conference call through InCaseIT necessary.

Norwegian, like other airlines, has regular exercises for exceptional situations. “We have small exercises monthly, and three times a year a bigger exercise involving about 700 people. Here we evaluate the results of the exercises and improve the organization all the time. ”

See the interview in Kauppalehti .