IT / Telco


Are you active in IT / Telco or do you have a large IT department? Then you are handling many transactions and it is critical for you that operations and services are maintained 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For example, failure by a bank, financial institution, mobile operator, hosting and outsourcing environment could create unimaginable consequences with major financial losses and bad branding.

Always available
InCaseIT is 100% separated from your infrastructure and is a true multi-tenant cloude system. With a keystroke, you have established your readiness and can begin handling the event.
Established means Coordinated
InCaseIT gives everyone a common picture of the situation and ensures that different parts of the organization are updated on the situation. Your customers need to know what is happening and what actions are being taken. Remember that you are rarely punished for an event occurred – but always for how to handle it.
Status, status – give me status
InCaseIT offers a complete communication module that provides you with all the necessary tools to keep your pace up and ensure that most people are informed.
A business breakdown of a few minutes can cost the business and their customers millions of dollars. In such a 24/7 industry, it is vital that a Business Continuity Plan is in place to ensure efficient handling.

The industry has high uptime requirements, is under strict supervision of government and must relate to a multitude of regulations, laws and regulations. It is also important to ensure that data protection requirements (GDPR) are not violated because of a disturbance or event.

As IT / Telco players you must be able to prevent, meet and minimize the impact of an incident. For this you need a good contingency plan, established strategy and not least continuous training. Here, InCaseIT will be instrumental in protecting the company’s values ​​and ensuring continuity for your services.

InCaseIT provides a safe and highly cost-effective journey towards a Digital Business Continuity Management System – which works throughout the organization.

InCaseIT implements a common management structure throughout the organization – regardless of location, culture and local language. This provides a consistent plan and an easy distribution of the continuity plan.
InCaseIT implement a transparent management model where everyone is trained to handle an event. This provide you compliance and predictability.
InCaseIT analyzes the handling of the event. This provides continuous learning and improvement.