InCaseIT helps you get an effective and functional contingency plan from day one! InCaseIT ensures the correct notification and that everyone gets their checklists so that the tasks are done.

Alert crews and employees and inform personnel quickly and efficiently when the event occurs.
Action cards
Relevant checklist with the right tasks right on the phone. Overview of who is working with the event.
Evacuation plans, floor plans or instructions are easily accessible via the mobile phone. Take a picture of the situation and share with the team.
Will you be audited?
In that case, you will have to show and document that you have good plans, have completed good exercises and have an overview of what can happen in your workplace. This means, among other things, that you need to be well organized, have proper alert lists and updated checklists.

Your company must have robust industrial protection that can properly and effectively limit the consequences unwanted events can have for life, health, environment and material values ​​and to contribute to rapid normalization. Do you have it?

InCaseIT ™ helps industry businesses to:

Notify according to contingency plan and alert lists
get started quickly with the right resources and tasks
mountain environment and material values
protect jobs

How is your contingency plan?

We are concerned that a contingency plan should be simple, functional and effective. How do you know if your contingency plan is good?

Contact us and get an analysis of your contingency plan. We look at:

  • Organization
  • Measures
  • Establishment
  • Warning
  • Functional description

Your contingency plan will be added to our analysis program, scored and given improvement measures and recommended CPIs.

Contact us and hear how we can help you.