About Us


While cruising at low altitude in 860 knots (1.600 km/h) fighter pilot Morten Køpke got hit by a large bird. The bird smashed the hood of the F-16 Fighting Falcon, destroying his helmet visor together with two of the security straps holding Morten’s parachute pack.
Being unconscious for a few dramatic seconds, Morten managed to pull the trigger handle and was shot out. He came to conscious again, hanging upside-down in his parachute and it took some time before he could land properly. An F-16 plane worth over 100 million NOK had exploded – and Morten had seen death at close range.
Morten Køpke is the CEO of Pilotech AS – a company providing systems and services for Crisis Management.
"I remember sitting on the ground thinking about how bad I was insured. Maybe a strange thought after surviving such a thing, but I had wife and children at home. The accident is not something I am thinking of and I am now living a normal life. The best feature a fighter may have is to be exceptionally normal!
Best practices Crisis Management.
After 11 years as a fighter pilot and a few years as pilot officer in Braathens SAFE and SAS Morten founded Pilotech AS. Pilotech develops systems and methods for operational crisis management – managing thousands of Emergency Response and Business Continuity Plans in four continents.
Pilotech is reusing Mortens experience from the airline industry – naturally!