Make Crises Easy To Handle

InCaseIT is a cloud based crisis management and preparedness system helping crisis and security managers digitize and improve contingency plans and coordinate the most hectic situations.


InCaseIT fits both small and medium sized organizations as well as big global corporations. Here are the solutions that fits your emergency organization.

InCaseIT Basic

All you need to stay prepared and get full emergency control from your phone.

InCaseIT Custom

Basic preparedness and crisis management tailored to your needs.

InCaseIT Pro

Advanced cross business crisis management and preparedness system on any device.

InCaseIT Enterprise

A cloud based crisis management software for a global and distributed organization.

Plane rescue exercise

Rescue Exercise

Planning, collaboration and exercises are three key words for emergency managers working at an airport.

Always ready-to-go

Alert and coordinate your crisis emergency team, customize scenarios and tasks according to the particular incident

Instant Notification

Predefined checklists and message groups ensure consistency and help you save time when the incident occurs.

Business Continuity​

Evacuation plans, floor plans or instructions are easily accessible on any device.​

InCaseIT Pro

Learn more about how InCaseIT Pro works and how it can help you digitize and improve your business preparedness and emergency management in our two page whitepaper.

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" Our emergency response manager is especially happy to get his tasks up in the app. The app is very easy to use and very nice in terms of logging deviations as well."

Anne Katrine Moe Paulsen - Safety Manager at Pilot Flight Academy

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