Finally! A crisis management system that works.

A tool that tightly integrates your crisis plan with all incident handling. Automated alerts and mobilization with full trace. Team, people, message group management. Scenarios and checklist completion including log capability. Documents and images upload. And that's just the start!



Have a crisis management system that is ready to go when an unexpected event occurs. Coordinate the emergency response team, get custom scenarios and tasks according to the current situation.


Effective alerting

Get a simplified handling of alerts and alert routines. Predefined alert list and message groups ensure consistency and help you save time when the event occurs.



Maintain continuity through simple and transparent insight throughout the entire organization during crises and unforeseen events. Ensure correct information and correct decision making when decisions are taken in case of crisis events.

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Customer stories

Our solutions

Our crisis management solutions can be tailored and work for everyone from small to medium sized businesses to large global groups.


Planning, preparation, notification logging, checklists

InCaseIT Pro

Mobile app and mobile readiness

InCaseIT Enterprise Edition

Group Presence, Flexibility, Sheet Music, Group Alert, Message Groups.

Create security and be prepared with InCaseITTM emergency response systems.

Leave your e-mail address and get a demonstration of InCaseIT, or contact one of our specialists.

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